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Green Mile Charging Co is the only registered and approved Isle of Wight EV charge point installer for Zero Carbon World. You can view all of the electric chargers that are publicly available on ZeroNet Map.

Zero Carbon World are a charity who supply free electric vehicle charging stations manufactured by Viridian to business primarily in the tourist and leisure industry which includes but is not limited to hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, restaurants, golf courses etc.

We are the the Island installation partners for ZCW, and once an online application form has been received by ZCW for a free Veridian EV charging station, if successful we then carry out a survey, provide an electrical installation cost and if accepted carry out the installation work.

We are also approved by OLEV, the government office for low emission vehicles to install the myenergi Zappi ev charging stations and once installation work has been completed, we then submit a grant claim application on behalf of the customer to OLEV for £ 350.00 which reduces the overall installation cost.

Good news in that we have now installed six Zero Carbon World Veridian electric vehicle charging stations on the island!

Three EV charging stations have been provided free of charge to Little Upton Farm Holiday Cottages and also Just for You Holiday Homes from Zero Carbon World. Both Simon Camp and Justine Ireland, the owners agreed to cover the electrical installation cost with ourselves which included all electrical parts required, testing and certification.

We have also installed two free to use ZCW Viridian ev charging stations at the Isle of Wight College for use by students, staff and visitors to the college and also one free to use ZCW Viridian ev charging station for Community Action Isle of Wight and The Footprint Trust at the Riverside Centre.


The EcoLite charge point from Viridian EV takes the winning formula from the Classic below and puts it in a new, more aesthetically pleasing, box. Still rugged and still simple to install, the EcoLite has a couple more features and is a powder coated Zintec metal construction that is built to a very high standard in the UK.

  • Integrated communication module for Mode 3 charging (IEC 61851)

  • Integrated electrical protection and contactor (6mA DC sensor and Type A RCBO fitted) – enabling BS7671 18th Edition Wiring Regs compliant installations.

  • 6mA DC sensor compliant to IEC62955

  • Integrated Load Share – Simple (SLS) and Dynamic (DLS)

  • SLS enables 2 units to simply share one supply

  • DLS enables up to 20 units to dynamically share one supply. DLS adjusts the power available to each vehicle based on number of connected vehicles in the array.

  • Can support adjustable current settings & additional hardware

The vCharge Classic charge point from Viridian EV is a compact, rugged and simple to install mode 3 (IEC 61851) EV charge point that is built to a very high standard in the UK.

Available as both a free/socket or tethered unit in several colours,there is a Classic for everyone.

If you require something different from the standard styles we currently have then the aesthetics of the charging stations can be customised to match your application, whether that’s based on your company livery or location.

  • Templates and support to aid in designing custom overlays

  • Standard or bespoke enclosure colour options

This arrangement is usually based on quantities and a set up cost.

Viridian EV’s EVSE Protocol Controller (EPC) is the intelligent part of the vCharge charge point.

It is the communication unit that enables Mode 3 charging in accordance with IEC 61851 and it is available to buy for those building their own EVSEs (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) or upgrading/replacing parts in other charging stations.

Why choose Viridian EV?

  • Viridian EV are specialist manufacturers of OLEV approved charge points – by choosing us you can save £500 under the Homecharge Scheme
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested by Viridian EV in the UK
  • Installation carried out by certified Viridian EV installers
  • One of the most compact units on the market
  • Low maintenance
  • Rugged and reliable
  • High level of engineering and high quality parts used to ensure reliability
  • Full three year OLEV approved warranty
  • Excellent customer service and urgent action taken to rectify any fault or issue with the unit
  • Product backed up by a specialist electronic engineering company with over 23 years manufacturing history which has retained ISO 9001 since 1997